Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wanna Dance?

Have you ever danced alone?

Like, I mean at a wedding, or a graduation, or any other function where dancing is an acceptable social action that could happen?  



Me either. 

A few years ago, back before babies, mortgage payments and saving for my next Michael Kors bag, (I mean retirement), I used to love to dance.  It was so good on a Friday or Saturday night, after a week of what I used to think was intense work, to go out and tear up the dance floor.  Kicking up your heels with new friends and old through the mixture of the weeks top tunes and the fun and excitement of it all, was really one of the best times.

My group of friends and I toured around towns and cities to bars, clubs, and halls just to feel the music, we'd come together, and let loose.

One night a friend and I were in a packed little pub and we didn't really know a soul.  I remember that a song had come on by the band that was featured that night and BAM, she demanded that we dance to this great tune.  

Like any good friend would, away I went and shuffled my feet while she let loose and totally owned each move of the song like she was auditioning for a role in the music video!  Seriously, I remember the moves that well!  What I don't remember clearly about this event was not the actual song or artist (whoops) but the fact that even though we were both on the dance floor, we weren't moving in anyway shape or form the same. 

What I'd like to connect my dancing saga to is my current real world.  My get up in the morning, live out your day, kind of situation.  You see, when I went to all those places with my friends and peers that I so dearly loved, I feel apart of something bigger.  I felt included.  I felt valued.  I felt as though someone would have my back and share the floor with me had I asked to jam out to a song I absolutely loved.

But you know what?  I feel like I've kind of lost that.

I feel unsure of where my peeps lie and where there may be a "bouncer" or two who doesn't really have my back, even though I've shown him my valid ID and he knows my name and face from being here in weeks before.  

So, Flashdance wasn't made in a day and I know that it takes time, commitment, trust, value, and work to build a ring of ladies or gents that you want to break out into dance with on a Friday or Saturday night.  But what I'm hoping to ask you, and to really ask myself is:  

"Am I playing a good supporting role?  Am I actually listening and looking, grooving and moving with the people I come into contact with each day?  Am I the type of person who likes to be part of the group, the one who always has to lead, or am I like a participant in my Zumba classes who happily follows my instructors directions and directional changes?  Can I successfully be someone who can join the floor at anytime and whoop it up, depending on the music played?"

I want to aspire to be the type of person who may not know the routine or the way in which a dance works, but rather who is there, present with my dance shoes on, and is willing to give the dance steps a go.  I want to be that person who will risk looking 'foolish' if you will in order to dance beside someone as they rock out.  

This week I challenge you and I challenge me to get up, get moving, give a "dance" a try.  Who knows where your next dance floor lies?