Friday, October 11, 2013

'A Closet' with #etfoaqiict2

Greetings and if I may, "Happy Thanksgiving!"

Thanksgiving is truly a time in tradition and theme of reflecting, looking inward, and counting our blessings.  Tonight I counted mine.  Well, most of them.  I talked to my God and said a prayer for how much I really have.  And I have a lot. A whole, whole, lot!

Just a little while ago my closet was bursting at it's seams.  For, if you know me, you know that there is a few things I love to do.  I love shopping (with a purpose) and I love clothes.  Like, really love them!  :)
I love the textures, the patterns, the accessories, and the feel of new items.  I love how they make me feel, and I simply like just having them in my possession!

But, sadly, after not being able to put a new purchase away on a hanger (because there wasn't a hanger left to be had in this whole entire house!) a little while ago I decided enough was enough.  Yes, that was it.  How much was too much?  How many clothes does one person really need?  How many sweaters is really too many sweaters?  So, in having a moment, I scoured my closet; purging, organizing, folding, and packing up the items that I really didn't need.

Now, I tell you this not to brag about my clothes or items in my closet.  Rather, to hopefully get you to see what I saw.  When does enough become enough?  How long had it been since I realized that my closet was become a hoarders den and why didn't I see it sooner?

When do we start to see what so clearly is before each of us before we need to change, purge, pack or fold the items in our lives that need our attention?  I'm really quite lucky in that this was only a Saturday afternoon of work to make things all better, if you will.  Bigger items and needs will not be so easy to fix, fold, and gift away.

If I place that same type of reflection on my journey as a teacher, a mother, a student, and a friend, can I see where my closet is too full?  Maybe I should actually be building a closet in some of those areas instead of purging and packing?

Throughout my first three weeks in my IICT2 course from ETFO, I feel like I'm really building the base for housing important items within my professional learning closet.  Our instructor Rod Murray, has helped us in these first learning experiences to build the footings, shelves, and hanging rods for my new closet.   In the past three weeks I've activated my thinking and learning by considering points of view from colleagues and peers within my course that I can honestly say I've not considered before.

I'm thinking about their thinking, considering my own values and standards, and looking to build a future.  My favourite learning experience so far has been creating a two year professional learning plan ~ with money being no object!  (As a conference LOVER, in this scenario off I went to ISTE in Texas... into the world of learning, engaging, and purposeful connection.)  But, while here in the real world, I guess I hadn't thought that far ahead.  Have you?  Two years.  Where will you be?  What will you be doing?  What do you need to do to get there?

I'm thankful for the structures and foundations this first three weeks has brought me.  For, as with life, learning and building - it can get awfully messy.  In order to move towards my goal, I need to keep my peripheral view open to the items in each of the closets I own, set aside time to recycle and revamp items as needed, and give myself permission to purchase all the new and shiny things I need to make it work in areas where my closet is way too sparce!

I wish you all the best as I encourage you to look within your 'closets' and see where changes can be made.

Thanks for reading.
Leave me a comment, question, or information about a closet that you have that needs attention.

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  1. What a great analogy! When you commented on the class Voicethread "... I forgot about this tool for some time now. I really like the options about how to respond, allowing flexibility for a varying degree of student needs and student comfort levels..." it was if you'd just found a great sweater at the back of your closet and decided that it matched perfectly now, and will become your favourite! Often we just need a reminder that a certain piece of clothing is now in vogue and can be worn again. Tech tools are like that too. We just need to keep looking to the back of the closet and try them on again. Keep writing! I'm enjoying your posts! The use of linking, BTW, is one of the most powerful aspects of Blogging. It's one of the way our Blogs get ranked, by how often and to whom we link.