Tuesday, October 1, 2013

For Real This Time

Ok. If you know anything about me, you will know that I sometimes talk faster than I think, say things I sometimes wish I hadn't (really, insert foot into mouth!), and need to talk myself through different scenarios, situations, and to hear my own voice ~ all of it is in the sheer fact of trying to move forward, onward, or even upward.

I love saying things like, "For Real This Time," as if saying that allows me to start fresh, start over, and to reconnect with the thing that I was going to do in the first place.

Yesterday, while Facebooking, (yes, I know I just made that into a verb) I read something that a friend of mine, Nancy R. posted, and really took it to heart.  I found myself misquoting it today, so instead of miserably repeating it over and getting the point of her message wrong, I've included it here for you.  I hope it resonates with you in a meaningful, powerful way.

"It's time to stop waiting and start DOING. Every day ends in the word "day" and each month is just another month. No sense in putting off what we could all do tomorrow. Make it a daily habit to change one thing, ONE THING and you will begin to see BIG changes. You don't need a Monday, a "1st", a new year or a January. You need a new day, that you were given, an opportunity to WAKE UP and LIVE! 

That's it! Super simple with no days, no dates, no years, just the morning, another day, another chance...to JUST DO IT!"

Did you love it?  Roll it around in your mouth.  Say it out loud again.  How does it taste?  What do those words make you feel?  I tell ya, I'm feeling both inspired and motivated and completely overwhelmed and questioning.  Today I am trying something new.  I did it.  I blogged.  Half because I was told to ~ I do want to pass my IICT Part 2 Course through ETFO ~ but because the other half of me has wanted to document and share for sometime now.  (I started to try this whole blogging 'thing' many years ago, but seemed to fall of the wagon!)  Writing is supposed to be reflective.  Soul searching, and in my opinion, really great for reflection of self, practice, and life.

So, as I've titled this post... "For Real This Time."  Here is goes.  The start of a new page.  A new day.  A new opportunity to get it a little more right than last time.

Thanks for reading,

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  1. awesome and inspiring post-I did something today also to start off my new life- I joined a gym-keep up the great posts looking forward to many more inspiring reads